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Wemap Routing API

First, if it is not done yet, please contact our sales team ( to use our service.

origin: { lat: 43.5951782, lng: 3.9216961 },
destination: { lat: 43.6091792, lng: 3.9123375 },
travelMode: 'WALK'



Our service uses two kind of navigation graphs:

  1. using OSM based data from public database
  2. private custom graphs drawn over private custom maps by the Wemap team. This graphs can be multi-levels!

Connection between these graphs are seamless

OSM based data coverage

bike safestHaute-Garonne, Herault, Île-de-France, Isère
bike fastestHaute-Garonne, Herault, Île-de-France, Isère
bike tourismsame as bike safest

Custom navigation graph coverage

Please contact our sales team (

Services implementation

World mapCustom mapCustom map + world
Simple itineraryYesYesYes
WaypointsYesNot implementedNot implemented
TravelModewalk, bike, car, transit (on demand)walkwalk
TravelModePreferencebike (safest, fastest, tourism)Not implementedNot implemented
Itinerary alternativesYesNot implementedNot implemented
Optimize waypointsNot implementedNot implementedNot implemented
Itinerary modifiers (avoid stairs, escalators, elevator)avoid stairs => pmrYesYes
Output distanceAndDurationOnlyNot implementedNot implementedNot implemented
multiple destinationsNot implementedYesNot implemented

Mobile SDKs

You can also use our services directly from our Mobile SDK implementations