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Wemap Print


This endpoint is currently experimental, parameters could change in future


Wemap Print Services live on the following host:

Wemap Print allow you to build high resolution images of yours livemaps.

POST /v1.0/print

Example print request:

POST /v1.0/print HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer 0a1b2c3d4e5f
Content-Type: application/json

"url": "",
"zoom": 13,
"width": 600,
"height": 300,
"center": [
"style": "wemap-v1-en",
"tileSize": 256

NOTE: You must give either bbox parameter OR both width/height and center parameters.

  • Request JSON Object
    • center (array) – center (LatLng) of wanted image. (required if no bbox)
    • width (integer) – width in pixel. (required if no bbox)
    • height (integer) – height in pixel. (required if no bbox)
    • bbox (array) – bounding box (WSEN) of wanted image. (required if no width/height and no center)
    • zoom (integer) – detail zoom level. (required)
    • tileSize (integer) – tile size in pixel (256, 512, 768). (required)
    • style (string) – wemap tiles style. (required)
    • url (string) – wemap pinpoint search query. (required)
    • bw (boolean) – return a black & white image. (default false)
    • cluster (boolean) – return clustered pinpoints. (default true)
    • events (boolean) – for events map. (default false)
    • legend (string) – display legend or not. ‘svg’ parameter split legend in separate file (‘’, ‘png’, ‘svg’). (default ‘’)

Example print response:

Screenshot - Print 1

Example print response with 'legend':'png' parameter:

Screenshot - Print 2