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About mobile webview


These SDKs are a wrapper around our JavaScript SDK and allow you to easily integrate Wemap into your mobile application. It provides a seamless integration with your application and allows you to interact with the map.

Our mobile webview SDKs are available for the following platforms:


These SDKs are high-level and provide a simple way to integrate a ready-to-use map in your application. All the features of the JavaScript SDK are available in the mobile webview SDKs:

  • Rich user interface (Search, content details, navigation, etc...)
  • Content injection
  • Map interaction
  • Map events
  • Geolocation
  • AR mode
  • Itineraries

Since the mobile webview SDKs use the WebGL context of the webview, the AR mode can have unexpected experiences on some devices due to limitations with chromium.


If you prefer to use native SDKs, you can check our Android and iOS SDKs. They provide all the features you need to integrate a map in your application but these SDKs are low-level and require more work to integrate them in your application.