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Android Native - Getting started


Before starting to develop your application with the WemapSDKs, you'll need to configure your credentials and add the SDK as a dependency.

Configure credentials

Wemap provides WemapSDKs via AWS Maven and you will need to get secret and access keys to be able to access it. For additional information contact Wemap team.

Once you get the credentials, specify accessKey and secretKey in project/settings.gradle

maven {
url "s3://"
credentials(AwsCredentials) {
accessKey System.getenv("AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID") // put your access key here or export it as an env variable
secretKey System.getenv("AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY") // put your secret key here or export it as an env variable


You can find additional examples for the WemapSDKs on GitHub. Clone the repository and run the example application following the instructions in the README.