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The controller gives the ability to control and to interact with the map


LivemapController (int id, {OnMapReadyCallback? onMapReady, OnPinpointOpenCallback? onPinpointOpen, OnPinpointCloseCallback? onPinpointClose, OnContentUpdatedCallback? onContentUpdated, OnIndoorFeatureClickCallback? onIndoorFeatureClick, OnIndoorLevelChangedCallback? onIndoorLevelChanged, OnIndoorLevelsChangedCallback? onIndoorLevelsChanged, OnMapClickCallback? onMapClick, OnPinpointUpdatedCallback? onPinpointUpdated, OnEventUpdatedCallback? onEventUpdated, OnUserLoginCallback? onUserLogin})


hashCode int

The hash code for this object.

onContentUpdated OnContentUpdatedCallback?


onEventUpdated OnEventUpdatedCallback?


onIndoorFeatureClick OnIndoorFeatureClickCallback?


onIndoorLevelChanged OnIndoorLevelChangedCallback?


onIndoorLevelsChanged OnIndoorLevelsChangedCallback?


onMapClick OnMapClickCallback?


onMapReady OnMapReadyCallback?


onPinpointClose OnPinpointCloseCallback?


onPinpointOpen OnPinpointOpenCallback?


onPinpointUpdated OnPinpointUpdatedCallback?


onUserLogin OnUserLoginCallback?


runtimeType Type

A representation of the runtime type of the object.


addMarker({required Map<String, dynamic> marker}) Future<void>

Add marker to the map.

aroundMe() Future<void>

Center the map on the user's location.

centerTo({required Map<String, dynamic> center, required double zoom}) Future<void>

Center the map on the given position and set the zoom.

closeEvent() Future<void>

Close the current opened event. Go to the search view.

closeList() Future<void>

Close the current opened list. Go to the search view.

closePinpoint() Future<void>

Close the current opened pinpoint

closePopin() Future<void>

Close the current opened popin.

disableAnalytics() Future<void>

Disable analytics tracking

disableSidebar() Future<void>
drawPolyline({required List<Map<String, dynamic>> coordinates, Map<String, dynamic>? polylineOptions, DrawPolylineCallback? drawPolylineCallback}) Future<void>

Draw a polyline.

easeTo({required Map<String, dynamic> center, double? zoom, double? bearing, double? pitch, double? duration, bool? animate, Map<String, dynamic>? padding}) Future<void>

Ease the camera to the target location

enableAnalytics() Future<void>

Enable analytics tracking

enableSidebar() Future<void>
findNearestPinpoints({required Map<String, dynamic> center, required FindNearestPinpointsCallback findNearestPinpointsCallback}) Future<void>

Find the nearest pinpoints from a point.

getZoom({required GetZoomCallback getZoomCallback}) Future<void>

Return the map's zoom level.

Start navigation to a pinpoint. The navigation will start with the user location.

noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) dynamic

Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.

openEvent(int eventId) Future<void>

Open an event on the map by its Id. This can only be used for maps which use events.

openList(int listId) Future<void>

Open a list on the map by its Id

openPinpoint(int pinpointId, {Map<String, dynamic>? options}) Future<void>

Open a pinpoint on the map by its Id

receiveFromFlutter(String text) Future<void>
removeMarker({required String markerId}) Future<void>

Remove a previously drawn marker

removePolyline({required String polylineId}) Future<void>

Remove a polyline by its Id

setCenter({required Map<String, dynamic> center}) Future<void>

Set the map's geographical center.

setEvents({required List<Map<String, dynamic>> events}) Future<void>

Populates the map with given events.

setFilters({required Map<String, dynamic> filters}) Future<void>

Update search filters

setIndoorFeatureState({required int id, required Map<String, dynamic> state}) Future<void>

Set the indoor feature state

setPinpoints({required List<Map<String, dynamic>> pinpoints}) Future<void>

Populates the map with given pinpoints.

setSourceLists({required List<int> sourceLists}) Future<void>
setZoom({required double zoom}) Future<void>

Set the map's zoom level.

signInByToken({required String accessToken}) Future<void>

Sign in to UFE with wemap JWT token.

signOut() Future<void>

Sign out the current user.

stopNavigation() Future<void>

Stop the currently running navigation.

toString() String

A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool

The equality operator.