Wemap Deep Linking

What is deep linking

Deep linking is the way of navigating through a web application using URL. For us, it means having a URL which represent the current state of the application. Now you can see the URL changing when you move on the map, open a pinpoint, etc. On another way, you can change the hash of the URL (the part after the #) to make the application update.

Available URLs

This section describes the differents routes available on the livemap.

Default route

  • url : https://BASE_URL/ #/
  • example : https://livemap.getwemap.com/#/

Home route, moves the map to the corresponding landing area. Displays the Welcome card if configured to, and redirect to the search route.

Search route

  • url : https://BASE_URL/ #/search?*FILTERS*@LAT,LNG,ZOOM

Route corresponding to a search view, meaning when you don\'t have any opened detail view.

  • parameters :
    • FILTERS: Search filters, formated as an url query with available search filters:
      • tags: string tags separated with coma (eg. tags=tag1,tag2,my+space+tag)
      • query: text query, space replaced with + character (eg. query=my+textual+search)
      • dates: Start date and end date at YYYY-MM-DD format (eg. dates=2017-02-01,2017-02-05)
    • LAT: float representing the latitude
    • LNG: float representing the longitude
    • ZOOM: integer (or float on webgl) representing the zoom level
  • example : https://livemap.getwemap.com/iframe.php?emmid=6032&token=MYTOKEN#/search?tags=monument-historique%2Cmusee-de-france@48.85155227592341,2.3515947508631143,14.746964595050471

Pinpoint route

  • url : https://BASE_URL/ #/pinpoints/PINPOINT_ID
  • parameters : PINPOINT_ID : Integer, id of the pinpoint
  • example : https://livemap.getwemap.com/iframe.php?emmid=6032&token=MYTOKEN&ppid=18326397#/pinpoints/18326397

Event route

  • url : https://BASE_URL/ #/event/EVENT_ID
  • parameters : EVENT_ID : Integer, id of the event
  • example : https://livemap.getwemap.com/iframe.php?emmid=6032&token=MYTOKEN#/events/20474

List route

  • url : https://BASE_URL/ #/lists/LIST_ID
  • parameters : LIST_ID : Integer, id of the list
  • example : https://livemap.getwemap.com/iframe.php?emmid=6032&token=MYTOKEN#/lists/54164

Around me route

  • url : https://BASE_URL/ #/aroundme
  • example : https://livemap.getwemap.com/iframe.php?emmid=6032&token=MYTOKEN#/aroundme