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Intro to Wemap Services

The Wemap platform provides multiple services that are either built-in within Wemap’s different modules or add-ons that can be activated upon request. These services all serve a single purpose: to help you provide a compelling local information experience to your audience on your communication channels.

Core Wemap Service

The Wemap platform includes --for its professional users-- a basic set of “core” services:

  • The servicing of the livemaps you create, with an unlimited number of livemaps, and an unlimited number of views;
  • The access to Wemap Pro and, depending on user subscription, to additional services (see above: customization, add-on modules like print, styling, and see below: services, etc.);
  • The access to our devtools including, to our content API, with certain limitations (in terms of data storage and post/update query frequency).

For more information about Wemap subscriptions contact us.


The Wemap platform offers several itineraries / navigation services:

  • To display a list as a path between the list’s pinpoints in any livemap;
  • To generate and display on the fly on a livemap a shortest- path itinerary between a pinpoint and the viewer’s position, and provide turn-by-turn instructions.

Through its Wemap-itineraries service, a livemap can handle both outdoor and indoor navigation.

For outdoor navigation and itineraries, Wemap-Itineraries relies on OpenStreetMap data for three transportation modes (car, bike, walk) and handles multiple endpoints to allow calculus for origin/destination, open loops, closed loops, ordinated loops.

Screenshots - Multi-modal navigation Screenshots - Multi-modal navigation

Screenshots - Multi-modal navigation

A livemap can also consume a dedicated indoor itinerary model built on the basis of your data set or of a third party data set (Open Street Map).

Screenshot - Indoor map with dedicated positioning and navigation model

Screenshot - Indoor map with dedicated positioning and navigation model

For more information, contact us.

Geocoding / Reverse Geocoding

To provide all services linking a place name / an address and geographic coordinates the Wemap platform implements several state-of-the-art geocoding / reverse-geocoding solutions.

The geocoding / reverse geocoding services are built in the Wemap platform, essentially in two separate areas:

  • For all content creation / import: any content (pinpoint, event) added via the Wemap content API, via Wemap Pro (be it manually, via an app or by bulk) or via a livemap is passed through our reverse geo-coding service to add and store the necessary geographic tags (latitude, longitude, address). This processing handles indiscriminately addresses (structured or not), places, coordinates, geo-spatial formats;
  • on the front-end side, the Wemap search engine uses geocoding tools (places / address) to assist the viewer’s navigation and exploration experience.

Screenshot - Several assisted “search by location” in a livemap Screenshot - Several assisted “search by location” in a livemap

Screenshot - Several assisted “search by location” in a livemap

Please check API documentation.


The Wemap platform provides an preview generation service for all livemaps. This tool handles the deep-linking logic to generate a preview of a livemap in the state of your choosing (bounding box, filter, pinpoint opened, etc.).

The preview generation tool can be found in Wemap Pro or via a Wemap Static API, available upon request. Contact us for more information.


The Wemap Platform provides services to handle offline livemaps in mobile applications.

Based on a local-storage and service workers, our offline technology allows to generate for a given livemap a downloadable resource. The mobile SDK is used to integrate the livemap in the host application. The livemap in the host application can work seamlessly with or without connexion thanks to the service workers.

You want to implement offline services in your mobile apps? Contact us for more information.


The Wemap platform includes a fully-fledged set of analytics to track the traffic to and engagement with your pinpoints, events, tags, and livemaps.

These analytics are accessible both from Wemap Pro or via our dedicated Analytics API.

The key metrics that are measured are:

  • Traffic: livemap views, livemap sessions, livemap unique visitors, livemap session length, repeat visits;
  • Engagement: pinpoint open, pinpoint read, pinpoint, get directions, other conversions, events open, and so on.

All analytics are segmented by location, user profile, device, etc. and allow extraction of ranked content (most popular).

Contact us for more information.

WordPress plugin

The Wemap platform provides a WordPress plug-in to streamline the creation and integration of pinpoints and livemaps from any WordPress-based website.

Wemap’s WordPress plug-in is available for download here.